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The following presents some up-and-coming projects or rough project ideas currently under development:


Confidentiality as a Service

The Confidentiality as a Service (CaaS) approach is a novel alternative to traditional public key infrastructures (PKI). While a PKI is based on public and private keys which have to be managed by all users, the CaaS avoids the management complexity of asymmetric encryption by leveraging multi-layer symmetric encryption on behalf of the user. The CaaS approach brings multiple advantages such as better usability, no complex infrastructures and better performance, while providing the same level of trust as traditional asymmetric techniques do.


The Mind Mesh is a conceptual extension of Mind Maps that allows the collaborative modeling of research environments. Mind Maps focus on intuitive visualization of ideas, reflecting the way in which humans tend to organize complex relationships between concepts. However, the strict tree-structure of Mind Maps does not lend itself to modeling research collaborations and the relationships between the participating entities. The Mind Mesh models information in a graph structure and allows arbitrary relationships between any two entities. Nankani et al. already showed how automated graph based visualization of research ecosystems is beneficial for human interpretation of complex research ecosystems. We take this concept one step further and suggest that that users allow the user to actively create and maintain the information graph like a Mind Map and combine the visualization with active components to create a fully functional visual translational research ecosystem. Instrumenting the Mind Mesh with functionality to maintain and access data necessitates the integration of security concepts into the Mind Mesh paradigm. Here the same visualization and interaction concepts are used to give an intuitive understanding of the security situation and with direct feedback concerning consequences of security critical actions.