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Facebook app: Assess your Facebook photo privacy

Not only your own actions, but how your friends share photos and tag people or locations influences your privacy. First research results suggest that many people underestimate the number of photos shared in the circle of their friends on Facebook and hence they underestimate the number of photos that may raise concerns to their privacy.

We developed an app that counts the real number of photos and tags within your and your friends' photos after you have estimated those values. By using the app, you can also assess the number of photos that apps can see.

use the Facebook Photo Privacy app

  • with your desktop system
  • with your mobile device

Privacy terms in a nutshell: The app only accesses photo ids on Facebook. It does not access any photo itself. While others might not, our app respects your privacy. All data is anonymized before calculating your personal results. See our privacy policy on the app page for futher details.

Awareness about Media on the Web

Topic of Research

Results of a first user study about awareness of photos on the Web show that people are not sufficiently aware of media especially photos of themselves on the Web. People require to become more aware and get to know about photos that depict themselves. Besides private messages, automated notications on Facebook are one of the few way how our participants get to know about photos. Hence, tagging people on Facebook also has a positive side: tagging raises awareness about tagged photos. But, such tags cannot help in the case of photos that are shared by strangers.

Our research addresses these issues. We work on the topic of user awareness and how people could get to know about photos of themselves that others share.

Publications on this topic

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  • SnapMe if you can: Privacy Threats of Other Peoples' Geo-tagged Media and What We Can Do About It. Paper at ACM 2013 Conference on Security and Privacy in Wireless and Mobile Networks.
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