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Big Data

Big Data is a new label given to a diverse field of data-intensive informatics in which the datasets are so large that they become hard to work with effectively. The term has been used primarily in two contexts: First, as a technological challenge when dealing with data-intensive domains, such as high energy physics, astronomy or Internet search, and second, as a sociological problem when user data is collected and mined by companies such as Facebook, Google, mobile phone companies, retail chains, and governments.

Social Big Data

We investigate the second issue from a different perspective - in particular, how users can gain awareness of the personally relevant Big Data that is publicly available on the social web. The amount of user-generated media uploaded to the Internet is rapidly expanding to the point where it is beyond human capacity to sift through all the content to see which media impact our privacy.



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Matthew Smith, Benjamin Henne, Christian Szongott, Gabriele von Voigt(2012): Big Data Privacy Issues in Public Social Media,Proceedings of the 6th IEEE International Conference on Digital Ecosystems and Technologies (IEEE DEST 2012) Datei