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Mobile Security & Privacy Simulator Media

Using the MoSP simulator a users is enabled to visualize security and privacy scenarios in different ways depending on which data and information is visualized. Scenarios can be visualized in general (visualize the leverage of different parameters) and simulation results (e. g. times and locations of mobile infections) can be visualized as well.

All map data and tiles are taken from OpenStreetMap.org. (c) OpenStreetMap contributors, CC-BY-SA.

Example videos

A simple state-machine steered routed movement example. People going from random homes to workplaces and home again after work. Some people visit a bar after work and come back late. One person does not find home again and begins to meander (changing to random movement at 0m39s). Visualization based on libchamplain. [Map: Hannover Linden-Nord, Germany]


A simple random movement example with zombie infection. People move randomly on the map. At beginning all people are healthy, but one is a infectious zombie. If becoming in range of 1 meter of a zombie, other people get infected. Visualization based on libchamplain. [Map: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia]


Wireless TUA infection scenario. People are grouped into four different groups with different parameters/personal preferences for walking destination, staying times and probabilities aso. Special destinations like café locations are taken from map data. Infection takes place if a healthy is in range for at least 8 seconds in wireless distance of maximum 8 meters.  Connetion to infected is set up and must be active for infection duration of 8 seconds. Visualization based on libchamplain. [Map: The Loop, Chicago, USA]


Moving heatmap showing current infectious area of mobile epidemy of TUA simulation (beginning at 0m10s). [Map: The Loop, Chicago, USA]


Example images

Infection Logging
Movement Map Visualization (libchamplain-based)
Movement Map Visualization (pyglet-based)
Pyglet-based visualization: simulation of complete Hannover (map generalized by MoSP geo tool)
Infection location heatmap: How many got infected where?
Infection Netgraph: Who infected whom?