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Mobile Security & Privacy Simulator

MoSP is a simulator for research in the field of security and privacy of modern mobile devices. It is designed for the evaluation of mobile security and privacy issues as well as corresponding solutions.


  • open source
  • implemented using Python 2.7 
  • based on SimPy 2.1 or later
  • uses geo-spatial data from the OpenStreetMap project 

    • road network is extracted from OSM data for movement simulation
    • roads may have a width from OSM data or by defaults
    • border nodes (outside of bounding box) are detected and marked for special uses as leaving the map
    • point of interest from OSM data can be used to define locations people can move to or interact with

  • pausing, random and routed movement of people (will be extended)

    • movement can be changed

  • selecting people in definable distance
  • interact with single or groups of other people

    • interaction can be simple as a zombie infection or complex - you implement it in python
    • actions can be started and stopped
    • communication also is an interaction
    • interaction also is "Who is in my visible area?" (visual perception)

  • people can interact with any road node, maybe a cafe there, or simple pause walking
  • map visualization

    • simple player based on libchamplain

      • draw continous movement of some hundred people

    • more complex player based on pyglet

      • draw continous movement of some thousand people
      • draw geometric primitives or text on demand/events

  • more visualization

    • tool for heatmap visualization
    • plotting needs external tools such as gnuplot

  • tools

    • geo-spatial data tool for map generalization, connecting poi with road network, connecting partitions of OSM data




Try the simulator, its examples and capabilities by yourself. You can get the code at via git at http://bhenne.github.com/MoSP/

Example visualization

Heatmap showing infectious area of mobile epidemy (beginning at 0:10)

Example evaluations

Infection Logging
Movement Map Visualization
Infection Heatmap: How many got infected where?
Infection Netgraph: Who infected who?